Wednesday, October 30, 2013

John Deere and Bonfire

 We co-hosted a bonfire a couple weeks ago at a friends house.  George got to sit on a John Deere mower and he didn't want to get off. He was hooked!

He's making his tractor noise in this picture. 

 Nathan gave him a ride but he wasn't sure what he thought. 

  Enjoying his hot dog and watching the blaze.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Maine Days

We drove up to Maine two weeks ago to visit our friends Jonathan and Bonnie for the weekend. They have a beautiful spot in the woods on a lake and we enjoyed 2 wonderful days with them. 

Sunrise on the lake Saturday morning. 

Bonnie and I got up early and left the boys at the house. After some yoga we headed to the farmers market in Orono. This was one of the best farmers markets I've been to (besides the one in NYC). 

This vendors display of peppers and onions was beautiful. 

After we girls got back to the house we headed to Bar Harbor for some biking in Acadia. George had refused to take a morning nap so he was asleep 5 minutes into our ride. 

As you can see there were some amazing views on our ride.

George woke and snacked on chicken the rest of the ride.

Jonathan and Bonnie were super sweet and bought a cake to celebrate our baby number 2. It was ice cream and it was amazing!!!

Chilly early Sunday morning on the porch.

These pictures are from Jonathan and Nathans kayak trip around the lake Sunday morning, 

And finally a awkard head chopping group shot before we left. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Picking

George and I went apple picking last week with a group of mama's and their little ones. The farm has sheep, chickens and a farm dog so George loved it. He's a little obsessed with animals right now. 

Our friend Loretta does all the little children tours/programs. She read them a book and then we headed out to pick a few apples. 

These two figured out that chickens like apples.