Sunday, August 9, 2015

Undone Saturday

A few weeks ago we had planned to go hiking in the White Mountains with the kids. There are so many things we want to do when it's warm and hiking was high on that list. Sadly we pushed the kids too hard that week and by Saturday they were shot. 
We spent over an hour trying to get out the door while Edith cried and George got into mischief. It was a terrible morning and we finally gave up and put Edith to bed while George and Nathan went and ran errands.
After naps we regrouped and decided to hike a few short trails around Dover that we hadn't tried out yet. Of course, we had to get ice cream on the way. George knows our local spot and we can't drive by without him asking to get a cone.

This little man is going to be 3 next week!!

We found a great spot on the river for the kids to play. I'm thankful that children are happy with simple things. Only Nathan and I were disappointed with the failed attempts to make it to the mountains.