Saturday, September 26, 2015

Summer Concerts At Prescott Park

Prescott Park in Portsmouth always has a great lineup of events during the summer. We only made it down for one concerts this summer but it was a good one. We packed a picnic and met friends for music by Brett Dennen

The weather was perfect and the kid had a blast dancing and running around. Being able to listen to live music and not having to keep your kids still is a win, win for everyone. Summer is the best!

Our good friends David and Anna with their sweet boys. George and Edith are great buds with those two.

Another great night in this city that we enjoy so much. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Summer I Wish You'd Stay

This has been the best summer!! We have packed more fun things into these warm months than I think we have in all the summers we've been in NH. I'm pretty sure we've done everything on our summer list. Sadly, summer will officially be over on Wednesday and I'm sad about that. I'm typically ready for fall by this time but I'd take a couple more months of beach trips, barely clothed kids and ice cream.

Here are some random pictures of summer in the back yard. 

So long summer! We'll be waiting for your return. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grandparents and George Turns 3

I am so behind with this whole blogging thing. A full month has flown by and I haven't posted a bit about all the things we've been doing. This, of course, means that we've been doing a lot. So lets go back to the second week in August. 

My parents came up for the week of George's birthday and they were able to experience the reason we put up with terrible winters. Summer in NH is bliss. We took them to a concert in the park, local ice cream spot and our favorite burger joint down on the river.  

George was pretty much attached to Nonno the whole 5 days they were in town.
George turned 3 on August 16th. We had planned a little cowboy and indian party outside but sadly 15 minutes before it started the rain clouds rolled in. It was a bit crazy with all the little kids packed in the house. 

Thankfully the rain let up enough to start a fire and let the kids make s'more's. 

Sunday morning we were actually ready for church early! This meant we had to get a few pictures of everyone dressed up.

George sporting his new suspenders and bow tie from Meme and Nonno. 

Sunday was his actual birthday so we did a second little celebration in the back yard. 

Let the dirt bike craziness begin!

So far we've only wrecked once and George now knows how to go left, right, and straight. Progress is being made!!