Friday, May 8, 2015

Farmers Market Fun

Last Saturday was the first farmers market of the season in Portsmouth. Nathan happened to be off work so we headed over for the morning. The weather was a tad on the chilly side but still amazing. I'm sure there are some pretty lovely spots for farmers markets but the Portsmouth City Hall has to be one of the best.

Spring is finally here and the trees are slowly popping out some leaves. Just in the last week the tulips and daffodils have started blooming.

We did a little walking around after we perused the farmers market. This Central Engine House was built in 1863. 

And then in 1919 they built this new and improved version. George is a little obsessed with fire trucks right now so he was excited to see where they live.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kitchen Update

So we rent our little house from a friend and sometimes we get to make little changes around here and he pays for materials. The back-splash when we moved in needed to be torn down and re-done and I finally did it a couple months ago. 

I ripped down the old textured wall paper and replaced it with a similar pattern. After the paper dried it was time for a little paint. The color before was some sort of green/gray/silver that just made the room look dark and dirty. I opted for white since it's not my house and my main goal so to make it look clean and bright. Now when my kitchen is clean it actually looks clean. 



 Now if it was me those cabinets would have a couple coats of paint on them...but that's just me.