Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Apple Picking

Every year for the last four we've gone apple picking at Butternut Farm in Farmington, NH. The last two years we were joined by our good friends the Heaths but sadly they've moved to NC. On the bright side Nathan had most of his Saturdays off this fall so we were able to all go one Saturday morning. Nathan had never been with us so it was a lot of fun to experience it together.
Usually we pick about 3 bushels so that I can make apple sauce to last most of the year. This year all of my canning supplies were still in storage so we only picked half a bushel for eating and baking. It was still a lot of apples to go through.
Tip: if you're using the apples for apple sauce you can pick "drops" for about half the price. People knock so many off the trees so typically they're just as good as the ones still attached.

This might have been the warmest apple picking experience yet. It's been an unusually warm fall and we are not complaining. January will be here soon enough.

The goats are always a big hit with the kids. 

Warm apple cider donuts after the hard work of apple picking with small children. Yes, please!

Third year getting their picture with the scarecrow. Maybe we can keep it up until they go to college.

And then we tried to get a decent picture with all the children sort-of looking in the right direction.

And since we are now officially staying in New Hampshire we'll be back next year for more apples.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Italy 2016

Nathan, Rosalie and I had the great opportunity to travel to Italy with my grandfather in August. Edith and I went two years ago when she was 4 months old so was really excited to go back with Nathan. Next time we're going to try and get over there without a baby. 

After flying into Bologna and getting grandpa to Castel del Rio Nathan and I headed to Pesaro. We reserved a room through Air BnB and it did not disappoint. It was a flat on the top floor right downtown above a very tasty pizza restaurant. 

I could have eaten pizza everyday and I'm pretty sure we ate some form of pasta everyday. The food is unbelievably good! The culture is so in love with their food, the preparation of it and enjoying it with other people. This is something the USA can't boast in. We have our regional delicacies but nothing like the long passed down traditional dishes like Europe has.

Pesaro Piazza 

Originally we tried to reserve an Airbnb room with beach access but sadly the family was away and we couldn't book it for the one night we were there. It was a bit of a hike from our flat to the sea but we did the walk twice while we were there. The beautiful Adriatic and Gelatto are great motivators for long hot walks with a sweaty baby strapped to your chest.

Morbidelli Museum
Two years ago Daddy and I had the opportunity to tour the Morbidelli Museum through a contact that Nathan made with some of his motorcycle work. Ivan was gracious enough to take some time out of his morning to meet us at the museum for a few hours. Nathan was thrilled to be around all the bikes and get all the inside information from Mr. Morbidelli

After we finished up the morning at the museum we headed to Tavulia. The home town of Valentino Rossi. We're huge motogp fans in the House family so we had to go check it out since we were so close. We ate a lovely meal Rossi's restaurant and picked up a few souvenirs for George, Nathan, and my dad.

This view from the restaurant was amazing. The weather was a bit cooler and we could have sat out there drinking wine and sipping espresso if we didn't have to return to Castel del Rio that afternoon,

The rest of the week was spent around Castel del Rio with the Mount Bataglia celebration on Sunday. 
This is the famous Ponte Alidosi bridge in town and one of the top things to see in the area.

The view from the top is quite impressive and even more so considering it was commissioned in 1499 and took over 20 years to complete.

Sunday celebration time! The locals hold a celebration every year in celebration of the liberation of the mountain. My grandfather was part of the 88th derision that fought.

John and Sharon traveled from Jersey for the celebration because Johns father also fought on Mount Battaglia.

The post celebration meal is one of the best meals I've had. The hike to the top of the mountain is substantial and they truck food, wine, and a mobile espresso maker up there for this amazing meal.

The lasagna is'nt anything great to look at but the taste will have you dreaming about it for years. I  remembered it being amazing from my previous trip and it was just as good this year.

A few pictures from our drive down the mountain.

These pictures didn't turn out great but I to mention this amazing dinner in one of the neighboring towns. The restaurant was called The Owl. More delicious food was had and we left very full and happy.

We toured the castle and museum the day before we left.

The collection of artifacts and information from the Great War and the Second World War is extensive. Since I was there last time a whole new room and exhibit had been added.

 More views of Castel del Rio

Sweet little 2 1/2 month old Rosalie. She did ok during all of our travels. It's hard to follow your sister Edith who was as good as baby could get while traveling. She's so much like George as a baby so maybe this means she'll be an easy toddler.

Andrea the owner of the bed and breakfast were we stayed. 

Nathan and I with Valario who wrote a book about my grandfather's division (88th).

L-R: Alberto the mayor, grandpa, Johnny the local artist, and Claudia (Andrea's sister) on the end.

That about sums up the bulk of our trip. We hope to back soon!

Laconda Corona in Castel del Rio is where we stayed. There are not enough amazing words to describe our accommodations, food, and lovely people that own/run it. Tell them Nathan, Molly, and Sam sent you.

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