Friday, March 13, 2015

Snowy Saturday

Just a little bit of what do on a snowy Saturday. 

Nathan attached a plow to Georges dump truck so he could be just like all the other plows he sees going down the road. 

That's the pile in front of our bedroom window.

The piles were so high at the end of the driveway that we had to climb on top to shovel off enough so we could see to pull out.

Story-time With Nugget

 Clearly she's more interested in having her picture taken.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dumpling Update: 10 Months

Weight: 17 pounds 3 ounces
Length: 26 inches

pulls up
loves dogs and cats
laughs and smiles a lot
sleeps through the night
eats a lot 
loves her brother
says uh-oh and mama
is very dramatic
working on 2 top teeth
signs more and claps
drama queen

Enough Is Enough

This winter has been rough. We've had so much snow and cold weather that even the locals are threatening to move south. I had booked our tickets in December to go visit family in GA and we were ready by the third week in January. 

The three days before we were supposed to leave we had an epic snow storm. There was so much snow in Boston that they shut down mass transit and 70% off flights were canceled. Two days after  we flew out a state of emergency was declared and the military was brought in to help remove snow. 

By Gods grace we slipped through a small window on a plane flight that wasn't canceled or delayed. Bye-Bye frozen tundra!!

 Hello sunshine and warm weather!!

We spend so much time outside. George being able to play outside was wonderful for all of us.

Cousin time looking at birds and animals


Much needed friend time. How I miss her!

My other BFF has bought a farm since last time we visited. We went and spent the night and had a little taste of farm life. It was so fun.

Edith especially like all the attention from the cats.

Breakfast with the uncles

Meme and Nonno with the babies :)

Edith + Glass Door + Lulu = bliss

Grandpa and the great grand-babies.

George did a lot of pretend fishing at my parents place. I'm shocked he never fell in. 

We were missing daddy by the time our 9 day trip was up but that was about all. I can't say we were too thrilled about leaving the balmy southern winter to return to feet and feet of snow. Spring will be here soon...right? So long GA, we'll see you in May!