Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rocks and Muddy Boots

We are loving our short spurts of warm weather that we're having. It does make it difficult when the the highs go from 65 back down to 30 all in two days. When it is warm we soak up as much as we can by playing outside and now that it's light later we try to get out with daddy after work too.

We love this little spot down near the water were the kids can toss rocks and sticks.

I didn't even know that this rock sailed over Edith's head until I was looking at the pictures on the computer. We're still working on George's direction while throwing. 

Edith is a very grimy child. She's constantly gross and dirty so all this mud was her favorite part of the walk.

If you want to stick around warm summer days we'd be pretty happy about it. No more freezing weather is fine with us.

Winter Wedding And A Night Away

Back in February Nathan and I had the opportunity to attend our friends wedding in Whitefield, NH. It's about 1.5 hours away so we had good friends stay over and keep the kids so we could have a night away. It also helps when the wedding is at the Mountain View Grand Hotel

It was unusually warm for February and especially in the mountains. By the time we got to the hotel there was no snow on the ground which is a little crazy for this time a year. Especially if you remember our winter last year

I meant to have someone take our picture at the wedding but I sadly forgot. This is our only one from right after we jumped in the car to leave. 

The Grand Hotel!!

The inside reminded me of the Titanic or something from Downton Abby. 

The simple yet beautiful cake.

The brides mother did all the lovely decorating for the reception. 

Sunday morning we ordered room service and sat in bed until 9. It's been a while since we've done that! A few snow flakes were starting to fall as we loaded up and left to go home. I'm so glad we decided to stay the night and not just drive up and back. It was a nice slice of time just Nathan and I.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Valentines Morning

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays. There are no expectations which makes it just pure fun. This year I did cinnamon rolls with pink frosting. I've used this simple recipe and like it a lot. Typically don't make them vegan but I do use almond milk most of the time.

Giant cinnamon rolls are everyone's favorite. George usually asks for them once a week for breakfast.

We could have just gotten them balloons but we also bought them glow sticks for their pre-bed time dance parties. We've found that a 15 minutes dance party in the dark with flashlights and crazy music helps them sleep better.