Friday, December 26, 2014

The Virus That Just Kept Giving

Well after our Thanksgiving we spend the better part of December sick with a virus. I came down with what seemed like a bad cold and then George and Edith a few days later.  We have never been so sick. The strange thing about this virus is that the kids would starting looking and acting better but then they would just fall back into it with full force. 
After about a week George woke up with a fever again and refused to eat or drink so I whisked them both off to urgent care. Poor little buddy had Pneumonia and Edith was giving antibiotics as well. 

We spend the better part of 2 weeks in bed. George even got to eat pancakes in mama and daddy's bed!

After the first few days of treatment the kids were acting like there normal selves... dressing up in old hats and reading grocery lists.

Thanksgiving 2014

Oh, hi white Thanksgiving! The day before Thanksgiving it started to snow. Wet, heavy snow. By 9 Wednesday night we lost power with a lot of other people in NH. We toughed it out until morning and then headed to a friends house who happened to be out of town for the holiday. 

Thankfully we had accepted an invitation to Thanksgiving lunch so we didn't lose the joy of consuming ridiculous amounts of amazing food.

Oh, what goodness.

My camera might have been compromised after being left at our friends house.

We end up not getting our power back until Saturday afternoon. We roughed it at our friends house until it was restored...oh, and they have a hot was brutal.

Dumpling Update: Edith 7 Months

Weight: 17 Pounds
Hight: ?

I'm having the hardest time keeping up with Edith's monthly achievements. Thankfully I can look back at what George was doing and so far Edith is just about on the same track. George was a happy baby but Edith definitely had passed him by on the happy scale. It's pretty crazy how excited she is. She really is the sweetest. 

Laughs and smiles a lot!
Rolls like a champ
Sits up but loves to stand
Loves the big tub
Jabbers a bit
Likes real food
Naps well (better than George)
Gets up once at night

Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Happenings

Lots and lots of leaves.

Nathan turned 32!

Nathan's mom came for a quick visit.

Bangor & First Snow

On Halloween we headed up to visit our friends in Bangor. They just had their first baby and bought a beautiful house downtown. We had such a fun and relaxing time. We were so excited to meet baby Annie Elizabeth.

We did a little walking on Saturday morning and saw some more pretty houses.  

We had been told the Cole Transportation Museum was really good so the guys went to check it out Saturday afternoon.

George had a blast!

Nathan and Jonathan both have birthdays really close together so we did a joint birthday cake while we were there. Yummy carrot cake from a local bakery.

Early Sunday morning it started to snow and it ended up being about a foot. 

I don't think the city was really prepared because nothing was plowed. We braved to weather and went to church. 

Edith and baby Annie. I can't wait to take this picture again next time we visit and see how much they've grown.

And then it took us 5 hours to get home on the worst of roads. The drive typically takes about 2 1/2. 

We lost count of how many cars were in the ditch.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was so fun this year. George got the whole concept after about the 3rd house and was on a roll after that. He still asks everyday if it's "trick treat day?". 
I made George's elephant costume and had planned on  making Edith a peanut costume. A friend had a mouse costume that didn't fit their daughter so I decided to take the easy way out and let her wear that. Edith seemed very excited about being a mouse.