Friday, December 26, 2014

The Virus That Just Kept Giving

Well after our Thanksgiving we spend the better part of December sick with a virus. I came down with what seemed like a bad cold and then George and Edith a few days later.  We have never been so sick. The strange thing about this virus is that the kids would starting looking and acting better but then they would just fall back into it with full force. 
After about a week George woke up with a fever again and refused to eat or drink so I whisked them both off to urgent care. Poor little buddy had Pneumonia and Edith was giving antibiotics as well. 

We spend the better part of 2 weeks in bed. George even got to eat pancakes in mama and daddy's bed!

After the first few days of treatment the kids were acting like there normal selves... dressing up in old hats and reading grocery lists.

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