Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Cookies and Christmas Sunday

Nathan bought me a magazine with 96 cookie recipes in it while I was sick. He sometimes buys me small treats like chocolate or a coke but since I was sick and couldn't taste for 2 weeks it had to be something non food related. 
Once we were on the mend and back to eating normally we whipped up a few recipes. Our favorite was a rolled date cookie. I'll throw the recipe up on here once I get all the Christmas posts caught up. 

I also made my traditional sugar cookies and let George and his little buddy dump sprinkles on them. 

One of those whole containers of sprinkles ended up on a moose by the time it was over. 

Since we were so sick my mom changed her scheduled flight to a few days earlier so she could help us catch up on sleep and last minute Christmas prep. She was here for Christmas Sunday which was really nice. 

Edith wore the same dress I wore for my first Christmas that my mom made. The matching bonnet really makes the outfit.

Our attempts at quick post-church pictures.

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