Saturday, March 25, 2017

Christmas 2016

Here is Christmas from 3 months ago! Life has been a little crazy...actually a lot crazy but that's a different post. We were living with friends during December so we celebrated together. I think it's going to be a tradition because they came to our house last year. 

Like always my mom makes the kids matching Christmas pajamas. It's crazy to see how much the kids have grown since this picture.

Christmas was on Sunday so we decided to celebrate on Saturday since Sundays are so busy for us with church. The kids opened stockings first.

We filled them mostly with snacks. Unlike tiny toys once they are consumed they're gone. It makes everyone happy.

Rosalie's first Christmas :)

I made our traditional Christmas wreath bread for breakfast. Along side it I made baked eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

Behold! The Christmas pickle. 
Our friends the Wilhelms have a tradition that who ever finds the pickle on the tree gets to hand out the presents. George was the winner.

Mrs. Christen demonstrating how the new toys work.

Everything is for eating, right?

Trying out the new bike helmet while playing with her doll house. Christen and I stayed up late the two nights prior assembling that doll house. It was crazy but we got it done and she was thrilled with it. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

 Thanksgiving weekend is always relaxing around our house. We don't visit family during the holidays because of the distance and most of our friends are out of town. Instead of cooking a huge meal for just our family we decided to make homemade pizza. The kids were thrilled and I didn't spend hours in the kitchen. Everyone was happy!

Thanksgiving day was chilly and we ended up getting a few snow flurries. We bundled the smalls up and took a long walk in downtown Dover. There were quite a few people out walking off their Thanksgiving turkey. Even in the chilly fall when all the leaves have fallen and everything is gray it's still beautiful. One of the reasons we love NH!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we drove over to Kittery, Maine for a few hours. We checked out the Evergreen Festival at Second Christain Congregational Church. We didn't find anything that we couldn't live without but we did find Santa. George was obsessed with Santa this Christmas even though we don't "do" Santa. It was hilarious how excited he got every time he saw someone dressed up. You can tell by the look on his face.

And you can't be in Kittery without grabbing a cruller and coffee from Lil's Cafe. It's one of our favorite spots around these parts and the kids are constantly asking to go. They think Lil's and Kittery are the same thing. 

Lovely downtown Kittery and her classic streets and houses.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Fall Festival at McKenzie's Farm

That apple cider donut that we had at Apple Harvest was from McKenzie's Farm in Milton, NH and it was so good that we had to go check out their fall festival a few weeks later. We did underestimate how packed it was going to be. What a huge crowd! We're glad we powered through the craziness of parking and walking because it was a lot of fun.

Since October the kids have been getting they're face painted about twice a month with all of the festivals. Both of them are pretty obsessed. 

We went on a hay ride around the orchard. It was a ton of fun and George and Edith were elated. 

These views never get old. New Hampshire truly is a beautiful place all year around.

Apple Harvest Day

Apple Harvest Day in Dover, New Hampshire is another fall tradition that we have. It's a ton of fun but  I highly suggest heading in early if you have little ones. It typically gets a little crazy the longer the day goes on. This year started out super rainy but we loaded everyone up in their rain gear and headed downtown. After a couple of hours in the rain it finally slacked off and we ended up staying a bit longer. Because of the rain there wasn't as many people and it turned out to be the most fun we've had at the festival so far.

We started the day with apple cider donuts. 

Face painting at a friends booth followed by... and drying out at Flight Coffee.

The rain finally slowed and we headed back out and down to the Best of Times booth where they were cutting hair. George really likes getting his hair cut and there was no line.
 Little Spider-man getting his hair cut.

A little mini petting zoo was a big hit.

And the brand new plow truck complete with a new hard hat. 

Thanks for another great Apple Harvest Festival Dover. We'll see you next year!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Apple Picking

Every year for the last four we've gone apple picking at Butternut Farm in Farmington, NH. The last two years we were joined by our good friends the Heaths but sadly they've moved to NC. On the bright side Nathan had most of his Saturdays off this fall so we were able to all go one Saturday morning. Nathan had never been with us so it was a lot of fun to experience it together.
Usually we pick about 3 bushels so that I can make apple sauce to last most of the year. This year all of my canning supplies were still in storage so we only picked half a bushel for eating and baking. It was still a lot of apples to go through.
Tip: if you're using the apples for apple sauce you can pick "drops" for about half the price. People knock so many off the trees so typically they're just as good as the ones still attached.

This might have been the warmest apple picking experience yet. It's been an unusually warm fall and we are not complaining. January will be here soon enough.

The goats are always a big hit with the kids. 

Warm apple cider donuts after the hard work of apple picking with small children. Yes, please!

Third year getting their picture with the scarecrow. Maybe we can keep it up until they go to college.

And then we tried to get a decent picture with all the children sort-of looking in the right direction.

And since we are now officially staying in New Hampshire we'll be back next year for more apples.