Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Walking Around

Did I say we had a warm Christmas? Well thankfully it lasted the two days after Christmas too. Nathan had off Thursday-Sunday so we headed to Portsmouth Friday afternoon to walk around. George had a little Christmas money from a family at church and we let him pick out what he wanted to spend it on. A garbage truck! It's barely left his side in two weeks.

Christmas Day 2014

I have a ton of pictures so I'm not going to go into much detail. It was a a fun day and super warm. Weather in the 50's at Christmas is very unusually for NH but we loved it. We had a relaxing day at home, as relaxing as it can be with two kids who got up early and didn't nap well. We got out of the house for a bit right before it got dark to get some fresh air and help George burn some energy. Almost exactly like our Christmas last year.

Christmas Cookies and Christmas Sunday

Nathan bought me a magazine with 96 cookie recipes in it while I was sick. He sometimes buys me small treats like chocolate or a coke but since I was sick and couldn't taste for 2 weeks it had to be something non food related. 
Once we were on the mend and back to eating normally we whipped up a few recipes. Our favorite was a rolled date cookie. I'll throw the recipe up on here once I get all the Christmas posts caught up. 

I also made my traditional sugar cookies and let George and his little buddy dump sprinkles on them. 

One of those whole containers of sprinkles ended up on a moose by the time it was over. 

Since we were so sick my mom changed her scheduled flight to a few days earlier so she could help us catch up on sleep and last minute Christmas prep. She was here for Christmas Sunday which was really nice. 

Edith wore the same dress I wore for my first Christmas that my mom made. The matching bonnet really makes the outfit.

Our attempts at quick post-church pictures.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Virus That Just Kept Giving

Well after our Thanksgiving we spend the better part of December sick with a virus. I came down with what seemed like a bad cold and then George and Edith a few days later.  We have never been so sick. The strange thing about this virus is that the kids would starting looking and acting better but then they would just fall back into it with full force. 
After about a week George woke up with a fever again and refused to eat or drink so I whisked them both off to urgent care. Poor little buddy had Pneumonia and Edith was giving antibiotics as well. 

We spend the better part of 2 weeks in bed. George even got to eat pancakes in mama and daddy's bed!

After the first few days of treatment the kids were acting like there normal selves...
...like dressing up in old hats and reading grocery lists.

Thanksgiving 2014

Oh, hi white Thanksgiving! The day before Thanksgiving it started to snow. Wet, heavy snow. By 9 Wednesday night we lost power with a lot of other people in NH. We toughed it out until morning and then headed to a friends house who happened to be out of town for the holiday. 

Thankfully we had accepted an invitation to Thanksgiving lunch so we didn't lose the joy of consuming ridiculous amounts of amazing food.

Oh, what goodness.

My camera might have been compromised after being left at our friends house.

We end up not getting our power back until Saturday afternoon. We roughed it at our friends house until it was restored...oh, and they have a hot tub...it was brutal.