Friday, May 8, 2015

Farmers Market Fun

Last Saturday was the first farmers market of the season in Portsmouth. Nathan happened to be off work so we headed over for the morning. The weather was a tad on the chilly side but still amazing. I'm sure there are some pretty lovely spots for farmers markets but the Portsmouth City Hall has to be one of the best.

Spring is finally here and the trees are slowly popping out some leaves. Just in the last week the tulips and daffodils have started blooming.

We did a little walking around after we perused the farmers market. This Central Engine House was built in 1863. 

And then in 1919 they built this new and improved version. George is a little obsessed with fire trucks right now so he was excited to see where they live.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kitchen Update

So we rent our little house from a friend and sometimes we get to make little changes around here and he pays for materials. The back-splash when we moved in needed to be torn down and re-done and I finally did it a couple months ago. 

I ripped down the old textured wall paper and replaced it with a similar pattern. After the paper dried it was time for a little paint. The color before was some sort of green/gray/silver that just made the room look dark and dirty. I opted for white since it's not my house and my main goal so to make it look clean and bright. Now when my kitchen is clean it actually looks clean. 



 Now if it was me those cabinets would have a couple coats of paint on them...but that's just me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Winter 2014-2015

I knew that it would take me a while to gather my thoughts on this last winter. Getting enough vitamin D and being able to walk outside without a coat need to happen for multiple days before I could form a sentence about winter that wasn't completely negative. We love NH, we really do. Every season is incredibly beautiful. Even when it's freezing outside and there are 5 feet of snow on the ground it is still so lovely to look at. All the amazing pictures you see of New England in books, calenders, and post cards are all real. It truly is a great place to live but the harshness of winter does take it's toll. Even the hardened locals were throwing in the towel this year. 

 We started out with a bang the night before Thanksgiving. I don't remember how many inches it was but the snow was super wet. Very wet snow means a lot of downed trees and limbs which equals power outages. We were without power for 3 1/2 days along with most of NH. 

After the thanksgiving snow melted we got through most of December with a few small snow falls but also some warmer days to melt it. We almost got to February first with no snow on the ground! Of course, we were holding our breath and hoping that all those almanacs are wrong about it being a really tough winter. 

Then January 27th came and with it almost 3 feet of snow. After that it just wouldn't stop. The temperatures were very cold and it snowed every 3-4 days and not just 1-2 inches. More like 6-12 inches.

I knew that winter was going to be tough so I had a game plan of library trips, museum, play dates, sledding, walks around the mall, and trips to the coffee shop planned. This all worked until January 27th. When the snow is taller than your 2 year old that means he can't play in it. I even dug him a snow maze but he couldn't see over the top so it just scared him.
It was also so cold that even small children that typically can play outside when it's below freezing were crying "it's too cold". Bundling your children up in snow suits, boots, hats, and mittens just to have your toddler play outside for 5 minutes and the baby to start screaming as soon as she's suited up will tempt even the calmest person to insanity. 

There is an actual thing call SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I might have scoffed at it before this  winter. It completely makes since that someone might get very depressed when they haven't seen sunlight for multiple weeks, the temperatures haven't risen above 18 for a month, and the words "ice dams" are used in our everyday language. Now, throw in a little boy that loves being outside and suddenly can't go play in his sandbox because it's covered with 5 feet of snow and you might have the perfect storm. Oh, and both kids had pneumonia at separate times too.

So that being said it was a crazy hard winter. I never would have guessed that one of those dark trials that God puts us through would be a horrible winter stuck inside with a baby and a 2 year old. Never in my wildest dreams would I have though that winter would be the thing to bring me to to my knees over and over again in prayer for God's grace, patience, peace, and contentment. He was merciful and brought me through and even though I might have doubted that spring was still a real thing it has actually sprung!

I'm pretty sure we all feel a little like Hon coming out of hibernation sickness...

...but we made it and the best is yet to come. Summer!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Edith's Birthday Pictures

Pictures by Luke Wilhelm

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dumpling Update: Edith is 1

Weight: 18 pounds

plays peek-a-boo
says hi, bye, uh-oh, dada, mama, thank you
signs please, more and all done
loves to climb
got her first busted lip last week
doesn't like frosting
loves blueberries
sleeps well but gets up way to early
very interested in noses and eyes
loves being outside
thinks animal are the best
thinks George is funny...most of the time
waves hi and bye
yells and screams when someone invades her space


Just for fun. George and Edith comparison at 1 year. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nuggets for "Nugget"

Our little Nugget turned one on Sunday! We thought it would only be appropriate to drive the distance to Nashua and get her some Chick-fil-A. Of course, we all benefited greatly from this idea.  
The weather was just warm enough to sit outside and it was sunny too! Edith had her very first taste of apple juice and in a juice box. She was way more excited about the tiny straw and kept squeezing it so the juice shot out all over her. 

She wouldn't touch it after I transferred it into her sippy. So dramatic!

After our lunch we headed over to Mine Falls Park. It was such a great place to walk and for George to ride his little bike. There were tons of people out running, walking and riding bikes. 

George is getting pretty good at riding his balance bike but...

...he gets distracted easily. It was the longest and shortest walk! There were way too many people and things to look at. 

It was funny day hanging out together. Downtown Nashua looked really neat when we drove through so we'd like to go back and check it out.