Friday, August 15, 2014

This Week

Just some pictures from our week.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Date Night On The Cheap

We try and make one night a week date night. Usually it's at home since most of our free babysitter are in GA. Thankfully we do have a few friends that will keep our children so we can leave our house together on occasion. 
Last week we put the kiddies to bed and headed outside to the fire pit. I had picked up s'more ingredients earlier in the day and Nathan bought some tasty brew the night before. 

 We didn't hangout by the fire pit as long as we wanted because the bugs were horrible. The smoke from the fire didn't help like we though it was.

It was fun while it lasted though. Date night for less than $10!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Edith Florence: 3 Months

Well, I've already failed and missed Edith's 2 months pictures. Hopefully she won't harbor resentment towards me for this. She's pretty darn sweet so probably not.

Weight: 12 pounds 13 ounces
Length: 23 1/2 inches long

Seriously is the sweetest thing!
Rolls from stomach to back
Sucks her thumb
Laughs and smiles a lot
Thinks George is pretty much the best
Gets up 1-2 times a night
Grabs toys with her hands
Loves being on her tummy (George hated it)
Still has her leg rolls!! Yay!
Has lost a lot of hair and has blond coming in
Holds her head up well enough to sit in the Bumbo
Tries to sit up

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Concerts

We've been enjoying free summer concerts in the park on Friday night. There are so many things to do during the warmer months in NH and so many of them are free! We're making a big effort to go to as many as we can.

George wore himself out dancing and flirting with the ladies. 

Justin's Seafood Hut

We finally tried Justin's Seafood Hut! 
There are so many seasonal places to eat and visit during the summer and this was one of the hole in the wall spots that we've driven by the last 2 summers but have just tried out. It's nothing fancy, just local fried seafood but it was good.

We'll be back!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Georgia Trip: Part 2

 After a few days with my family we headed south to visit Nathans family and some close friends. It was nap time towards the end of our drive and George, of course, fell asleep in the last 10 minutes. Traveling is hard on kiddies. 

The weather was a little cooler the begin of our week but warmed up once we were in south GA. It was great though because George pretty much played in the water the last 3 days. New Hampshire has been WAY too cool this summer and I'm very disappointed that we haven't been able to run in the sprinkler and play in the pool except for a few times. 

We had dinner with our good friends the Madsons & Carrolls on Tuesday evening. It was a great time catching up. 
This picture is blurry but I had to post it. It's too cute. 

Love and miss these trying to get ourselves together for a picture :)

Water park time!!! George had a blast!

 He even made a little friend.

Mamaw and the blue-eyed grandbabies

George learned how to use the sprayer on the hose and how to spray people with it. 

Attacking the cousins with water.

The one and only picture of the cousins together. 

We had a crazy trip back on Friday. Our flight out of Savannah was canceled so we drove to SC and flew on this tiny airplane (below) to Charlotte. Our flight from Charlotte to Boston was delayed and then we missed the bus to NH by 3 minutes. The kids did amazingly well considering what we put them through. We arrived home 6 hours later than planned but we got here safely. 

We had such a fun time and George is already asking to go back.