Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Last of Fall

Here are the last few pictures from fall before the Christmas/New Years fun began.

Sunday afternoon walk in Portsmouth.

Looking across the river into Maine.

Local donuts the day after Thanksgiving.

Freeport and Friends

Back in October we headed up to Freeport Maine to meet our friends from Bangor for the day. We had a blast hanging out even if it was a little chilly out. George has been to Freeport once before but he was too little to remember. The kids really liked looking at all the stuffed animals and fish tanks. We did a little winter shopping while we were there. Nathan needed new gloves and George got new boots. He picked green, again.  

Who doesn't want a picture with a huge boot!

Group picture before we head opposite directions to home. Such a fun day trip with friends!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Halloween 2015: The Lone Ranger and Tonto

 George had been obsessed with the Lone Ranger since getting a cowboy hat and Lone Ranger book for his birthday. He doesn't even call Edith by her real name anymore. She is now Tonto the Lone Rangers Indian sidekick. 
We only thought it would be appropriate that they be the Lone Ranger and Tonto for Halloween. They were both really excited about it.

They had so much fun trick-or-treating this year. George made it around the whole circle this time. It was freezing just like it was last year but with multiple layers under their costumes they stayed warm enough.

It only took them 3 weeks to stop asking to go trick-or-treating everyday. Maybe we can get it down to 2 next year. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Apple Picking

Way back in September we went apple picking at Butternut Farm in Farmington, NH. This is our third year going and our second year going with our good friends the H's. George talks about "that time we went apple picking with our friends" all of the time. Both kids had so much fun and the weather was perfect!

I had to wear Edith last year which made picking the drops (cheaper than the ones on the trees) super hard. This year was much easier since all the kids could walk and they played and ate apples while we mama's picked.

Babies and baby goats...pretty much the cutest!

Climbing on Pumpkins was probably their favorite part of the morning.

Thanks for another great year Butternut!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

10 Year Friendsaversary

10 years ago I met my friend Jen on a mission trip to Peru. We've had a lot more adventures since then like being roommates, traveling to England, and around the south. She lives in Nashville now and came up for a short visit in September.
We packed a lot into 4 days and I think she got a good mini tour of NH and ME. On Saturday Nathan kept the kids and we headed to Portland for most of the day.

We started with flights from Rising Tide Brewery and also discovered this neat distilling company next door. Rising tide was having an anniversary celebration so there were also 3 or 4 yummy food trucks on site.

The Standard Baking Co. had been recommended by friend so we had to go check it out.

I'd be fine back there rolling dough.

Sticky bun, brioche roll and coffee.

We spent a few more hours roaming around before snagging some seafood and heading home. It was such a fun day. I think that I've only bummed around with a girlfriend without kids once since having kids. Now I've done it twice. Next time I'm headed south to see Jen in Nashville!