Monday, May 9, 2016

George Hudson

This kid is growing up so fast and keeping us entertained while he's becoming a big boy. George has been a pretty easy kid all around. He was a terrible sleeper for the first year and was probably in the top 10 for most difficult potty trainers but everything else has been smooth sailing. 
He loves everything motorized and knows more about construction machines, fire trucks, heavy equipment and Moto GP than any other 3 1/2 year old I've met. He could dig in his sandbox for hours and he's just mastered riding his pedal bike.

George is very excited about baby #3 and can't wait to a helper and big brother again. We've been working with him on responsibilities around the house. Right now he's in charge of clearing the table, wiping the table, cleaning up his toys, and watching his sister while he's outside. He's become a big help running up and down the stairs to get things for us or put things away. I think he's going to be great with his new brother or sister.

George loves to have Edith play with him, especially outside. He tends to get very upset if she's ready to come in and he still wants to have a friend outside with him. Like normal siblings they fight and get on each others nerves but they typically play well together. He would love to have her sleep in his bed at night but she's too crazy and would never stop playing. We gave it a shot since it was so sweet and it didn't turn out too well.
You're such a joy to us George Hudson and we pray God blesses us with many more years watching you grow and keeping us entertained. We love you tons!

George at 3 years and 9 months.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wet Day In Boston

While my parents were in town they kept the kids so Nathan and I could go to Boston for the day. The weather turned out to be lest than ideal but we made the best of it and saw as much as we could. Since we haven't ever gone to Boston we really wanted to start with a history tour. I found a discounted trolley tour on Groupon and we hopped on and off most of the day. 

We started at Paul Revere's house but for some odd reason it wasn't open for the day. After that we walked over to Old North Church since it was close. The church was beautiful and we happened to get there just in time for a short history presentation. 

We ended up around Chinatown around lunch time so we had some very yummy Vietnamese food. After we were nice and full we walked over to Boston Common and the Public Gardens.

We almost missed one of our buses because we were trying to find Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings. I wanted to get a picture for the kids since Make Way For Ducklings is one of their favorite books right now. 

Our trolley tour came with a boat tour of the harbor. It was very wet and foggy but we still heard a lot of interesting information and it was a neat seeing Boston from the water. 

Quincy Market was our last stop before catching the subway back to our parking spot. We were ready to get back in our warm, dry car and head home by the end of the day. 

Next time we want to take the kids and let them see the Public Gardens and Mrs. Mallard. We're just waiting for some really warm, sunny weather. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter And Grandparents

 My parents flew up for the last week of March while my mom was on spring break. We loved having them up and we got to see a little bit of the seacoast even though the weather wasn't great the whole time.

We celebrated Easter while they were here and we all wore our spring outfits even though it was still freezing out.

Edith wasn't really into having her picture taken with the family...

 ...or with Nonno and Meme

We made it over to Kittery, Maine on the windiest of days and had crullers and coffee at Lil's Cafe

 The following day was warmer and a lot less windy so we explored Portsmouth a bit. My dad has been up a few times but had never seen much of the area so wanted him to make sure he at least saw downtown Portsmouth. 

Another great if only we can get some of those uncles up here!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Almost The Last Snow

 I'm pretty sure I've told ya'll how crazy our weather has been here in NH. The middle of March was more like the end of April and April has been more like the beginning of March. We even had a day that was 74 degrees last month. Crazy!!

Last week we had about 6 inches fall and I couldn't pass up some pictures of what might be the last snow of the season. Of course, it snowed this last Sunday too but this was a much prettier snow so I'm really glad I got out to take these.

Edith was very excited to plop herself down and eat snow again.

I told George to stand next to Edith for a picture but he really wanted a picture in the woods. 

My snow babies are pretty cute!

Oh, and I'm ok with no more snow this season NH....just saying!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rocks and Muddy Boots

We are loving our short spurts of warm weather that we're having. It does make it difficult when the the highs go from 65 back down to 30 all in two days. When it is warm we soak up as much as we can by playing outside and now that it's light later we try to get out with daddy after work too.

We love this little spot down near the water were the kids can toss rocks and sticks.

I didn't even know that this rock sailed over Edith's head until I was looking at the pictures on the computer. We're still working on George's direction while throwing. 

Edith is a very grimy child. She's constantly gross and dirty so all this mud was her favorite part of the walk.

If you want to stick around warm summer days we'd be pretty happy about it. No more freezing weather is fine with us.

Winter Wedding And A Night Away

Back in February Nathan and I had the opportunity to attend our friends wedding in Whitefield, NH. It's about 1.5 hours away so we had good friends stay over and keep the kids so we could have a night away. It also helps when the wedding is at the Mountain View Grand Hotel

It was unusually warm for February and especially in the mountains. By the time we got to the hotel there was no snow on the ground which is a little crazy for this time a year. Especially if you remember our winter last year

I meant to have someone take our picture at the wedding but I sadly forgot. This is our only one from right after we jumped in the car to leave. 

The Grand Hotel!!

The inside reminded me of the Titanic or something from Downton Abby. 

The simple yet beautiful cake.

The brides mother did all the lovely decorating for the reception. 

Sunday morning we ordered room service and sat in bed until 9. It's been a while since we've done that! A few snow flakes were starting to fall as we loaded up and left to go home. I'm so glad we decided to stay the night and not just drive up and back. It was a nice slice of time just Nathan and I.