Friday, March 31, 2017

Georgia in January

In December we were supposed to close on our house in NH but it was pushed back until January 23. Since we were living with friends at the time and January  is cold and a little dreary we decided that I should head south with the kids. It was a good way to burn up the time while we waited for the closing date to roll around. 

The weather was in the 70's while we were there and it felt toasty warm to us northerners. George and Edith kept asking "is it summer?".  

Nathan's dad (papa) had his winter garden going and George had a blast helping tend and harvest some squash and cabbage. 

Edith was thrilled to be swinging again. She would have been out there for hours if she had someone to push her. 

Sweet Rosalie hanging out on the front porch enjoying the amazing weather. Not having to bundle everyone up was so nice. I even got out for a few runs by myself and in just shorts and a t-shirt. So warm!

Take note of Edith's thumb sucking in both grandparent pictures.

So when Edith was little, like around 14 moths, we visited GA and my brother Phillip had just gotten his chocolate lab Lulu. Edith loved Lulu and even sat on her back and layed on her. Fast forward to the last year and Edith has pretty much been terrified of dogs. On this latest trip though she was super attached to my brother Wesley's dog. They were best friends! She would go out and tell him things as soon as she was up in the morning and then you'd look out and see her plopped down on the hill chatting away while he tried to nap. It was the sweetest. 
She asked for a dog last week...not happening.

And a picture with great grandpa. George is very into his dinosaur claws that he's showing off in most of the pictures. 

It was another great visit but I think I'm road tripped out for a while. 

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