Friday, February 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

 Thanksgiving weekend is always relaxing around our house. We don't visit family during the holidays because of the distance and most of our friends are out of town. Instead of cooking a huge meal for just our family we decided to make homemade pizza. The kids were thrilled and I didn't spend hours in the kitchen. Everyone was happy!

Thanksgiving day was chilly and we ended up getting a few snow flurries. We bundled the smalls up and took a long walk in downtown Dover. There were quite a few people out walking off their Thanksgiving turkey. Even in the chilly fall when all the leaves have fallen and everything is gray it's still beautiful. One of the reasons we love NH!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we drove over to Kittery, Maine for a few hours. We checked out the Evergreen Festival at Second Christain Congregational Church. We didn't find anything that we couldn't live without but we did find Santa. George was obsessed with Santa this Christmas even though we don't "do" Santa. It was hilarious how excited he got every time he saw someone dressed up. You can tell by the look on his face.

And you can't be in Kittery without grabbing a cruller and coffee from Lil's Cafe. It's one of our favorite spots around these parts and the kids are constantly asking to go. They think Lil's and Kittery are the same thing. 

Lovely downtown Kittery and her classic streets and houses.

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