Sunday, November 2, 2014

Italy: Part 2

After our busy schedule of book signings, battle celebrations and dinners we were able to do a little sight seeing. Monday we packed into the Opel wagon and drove through the mountains to Florence. We didn't spend as much time as I would have like there but I'm so glad we went. They did have some amazing shopping and I'm not typically a shopper. 

Tuesday we drove over the Lamborghini museum. Edith promptly spit-up all over the floor as soon as we arrived and then 2 more times before we left. 

What I would give for a slice of this pizza right now! Yes, I did eat the whole thing.

We had dinner with the mayor of Castle Del Rio one night. Alberto is pretty amazing and he speaks wonderful English so that we helpful.

What I would give for a slice of this pizza right now! Yes, I did eat the whole thing.

My parents raved about this little pizza spot hidden up on a hill in Castle Del Rio. It was probably the best food I had while in Italy. This little dessert of mascarpone cream and berries was heavenly. I'd go back just for it.

As we were leaving it was fun to see some of the family members of the restaurant cleaning mushrooms for pizza. Grandma, son, and grandson all working together. 

Wednesday was market day so we didn't leave Castle Del Rio plus it was nice to just hang around and I wanted Edith to get a couple good naps in. 

There was an amazing little bakery down the road from our hotel. One morning Edith got up early so we walked down and I got a pastry and coffee. 

On our last day in Italy my dad, Edith, and I loaded up and headed to Pesaro on the Adriatic. I was ready to jump on a plane and head back to my boys but seeing the beautiful sea made me want to stay a little longer.

Our lunch overlooking the ocean.

Nathan made a connection through his motorcycle forum and has done some side work for these guys. Ivan (middle) was very hospitable and showed us around Pesaro and his families motorcycle shop.

The daughters of the inn keeper were all about some Edith. She was a huge hit with everyone. 

Last night pictures with Edith!

George had a blast while I was gone and didn't realize he missed me until I came back. He was too busy fishing, feeding the dog, and playing in the rain. 

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