Monday, May 9, 2016

George Hudson

This kid is growing up so fast and keeping us entertained while he's becoming a big boy. George has been a pretty easy kid all around. He was a terrible sleeper for the first year and was probably in the top 10 for most difficult potty trainers but everything else has been smooth sailing. 
He loves everything motorized and knows more about construction machines, fire trucks, heavy equipment and Moto GP than any other 3 1/2 year old I've met. He could dig in his sandbox for hours and he's just mastered riding his pedal bike.

George is very excited about baby #3 and can't wait to a helper and big brother again. We've been working with him on responsibilities around the house. Right now he's in charge of clearing the table, wiping the table, cleaning up his toys, and watching his sister while he's outside. He's become a big help running up and down the stairs to get things for us or put things away. I think he's going to be great with his new brother or sister.

George loves to have Edith play with him, especially outside. He tends to get very upset if she's ready to come in and he still wants to have a friend outside with him. Like normal siblings they fight and get on each others nerves but they typically play well together. He would love to have her sleep in his bed at night but she's too crazy and would never stop playing. We gave it a shot since it was so sweet and it didn't turn out too well.
You're such a joy to us George Hudson and we pray God blesses us with many more years watching you grow and keeping us entertained. We love you tons!

George at 3 years and 9 months.