Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate!! Growing up all of us Leonhard children would consume an insane amount of hot chocolate during the few cooler months of the year. One of the reasons was that we didn't have central heat and air till I was 11 or 12 so drinking hot chocolate helped keep the internal body temperature up (it did get pretty cold at times). Of course if we ever ran out of hot chocolate it was a major crisis and if you happened to be the sibling to finish it off....well you had quite a few people that were not very happy with you. Anyway it has finally cooled off a little bit here in Statesboro so the other night I had a very nice cup of hot chocolate. I actually found some Redi Whip in the refrigerator (thanks Mrs. Peaches!!) to top it off with. Wesley gave me the mug for Christmas...thanks Wes!!

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Brandy said...

oh, it is so yummy