Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This past Sunday Nathan and I met in Columbia, SC for the day since it's about halfway for both of us. For those of you that are from Columbia or SC, I'm sorry, but it was the most difficult city to navigate. We did have a lot of fun though! We got a quick bite for breakfast and some much needed coffee before heading to Rose Hill PCA for church. After church we went to The Gourmet Shop for brunch. It was amazing! They had all kinds of awesome cooking gadgets, tools, gourmet foods and also a cafe. You can tell by the pictures that I could have stayed there all day.

Next on the list was a tour of a historical house. I found on the Historic Columbia website that on the third Sunday of every month for $1 you can take a tour of one of the houses. The website and the women I talked to when I called both failed to mention that it was only for residence of Lexington County.

Robert Mills House

We payed the extra money and took a tour of the Hampton-Preston House.

We walked around downtown for a while looking at more old houses. Thankfully we had an umbrella because the predicted rain finally arrived. We ate our picnic dinner at Sesquicentennial State Park before finding Cool Beans coffee shop where we stopped to get loaded up on caffeine before driving back to Statesboro and Charlotte. It was a fun day trip...next time I want to go to the zoo!


Melissa said...

the zoo there is so nice...and, yes, Columbia does seem to be the most difficult place to find your way around!

Susie Mae said...

I'm following your blog officially. I love the description and you are indeed pocket-sized!

laurel said...

What a fun trip! I really like Columbia. That store looks AMAZING!!

alyssa said...

Oh the Gourmet Shop! My sister eats there practically every week! She says their chicken salad is to die for! I haven't been in such a long time, but one of these visits I am hoping to get there! And yes, the zoo is fun. Trying to think of anything else yall might be interested in doing. Next time you go, let me know. Oh, and you should definitely check out Sinclair Ferguson's church, First Pres. The church, I believe, is one of the oldest in Columbia and absolutely beautiful on the inside.
So funny that yall found it hard to get around. I guess growing up there I payed no attention!

Brandy said...

the pic of ya'll is great! that store does indeed look incredible! i love you my friend!!!!!!!

Molly said...

I texted Sammy about churches before we went but next time I know to call you!