Monday, October 3, 2011

Painted Pig Farms

I wanted to put a word out for Painted Pig Farms and their all natural pork and homemade soaps. We first tried some of their soaps because I had expressed an interest in learning how to make my own soap. It turns out that a we loved it so much that we had Joel and Amy pay Nathan in soap for some work he did for them. It is 100% better than the stuff you buy at the store and it smells divine.

Their pork which is their main business is delicious. So far we've tried both the smoked ham and pork chops. Their pigs are born and raised right here in GA.

You can see them at the Statesboro Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. They're just a few tents down from the Sugar Magnolia tent were Nathan is. Please support you're local farmers and businesses!
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