Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worth The Wait

So this year for our anniversary (November 14) we decided to wait and go out to dinner a few weeks late. Nathan had to fly out of Charleston for an interview last week so we decided to spend the night and have dinner the night before. Our restaurant of choice was Husk. Husk has only been open a little over a year and has already been named best new restaurant in Bon Appetite. All the ingredients, wine, beer, and liquor are all from the south. Because of this their menu changes daily and even with a two week reservation on a Wednesday night they only had 2 slots open. Here it is! The best meal we've had yet!

This is the restaurant.
Right next door is a long slender brick building which is the bar. We started out here with a couple beers and a appetizer.

Here was a list of their special beers for the night. Nathan had the Smoking Gun and I had the White Thai. They were about as opposite as two beers could be and both very good.

Pickled pigs feet on the bar.

Nathan and are big fans of fried pickles, especially the chips. Husk had fried bread and butter pickles which were very yummy.

Once they were ready for us we headed over to the house. If you can see the center piece it was dried whole okra in a vase with course ground corn.

Inside they left all of the windows looking out but between on all of the wall space they put up mirrors. We just happened to be seated in the perfect spot for me to spy on the kitchen. I really wish I could have gone back and hung out for a little while.

First Course Nathan:
Clams, creamy shellfish broth, fennel & potato, bacon & crispy garlic bread

First Course Molly:
Roasted butternut squash soup, with turkey confit, & pecan granola

Main Course Nathan:
TX wagyu sirloin with red creamer potatoes, bok choy, smoked tomatoes, roasted cippolinis and mushroom jus

Main Course Molly:
Country fried lamb, Carolina gold rice grits, mixed braised greens, and lamb neck gravy

Unfortunately I cannot remember the specifics of the dessert. It was an apple tart with oatmeal and I'm sure a lot of other amazing ingredients served with ( I think) homemade salted pecan ice cream.

If you're ever planning a trip to Charleston make a reservation and Husk. It is an amazing restaurant and worth ever penny....and believe it or not it's not as many pennies as you might think.


Katie May McKenna said...

Wow, sounds amazing! I can't imagine being creative enough to come up with a meal like that! I'm still trying to figure out how to properly bake chicken breasts :-)

Nathan said...

SO SO GOOD! And I got to go with my favorite person!

Melissa said...


Anonymous said...

One of my friends worked there when it first opened. Real and well-made southern food is the best! Glad y'all had a great anniversary!