Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dumpling Update: 8 Weeks

 George was 2 months old on Thursday. I managed to get his picture taken but not posted. He had an appointment for an ultrasound to rule out pyloric stynosis so we were a little busy. The results were negative so he's just a puker. He is getting a little better with it but we'll be glad when he grows out of it.

Weight: Close to 12 pounds (he was 11.8 last Monday but he's gaining about half a pound per week)

Recent additions to life:
  • learning different cries for the different things he wants/needs
  • is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours without waking up at night
  • is really close to sucking on his fingers
  • loves being naked

          One month                                                  Two months


Katie May McKenna said...

He looks sooooo much like you! Glad to hear that the puking isn't anything too serious.

Melissa said...

i CANNOT believe how much different he looks so quickly!! what a cutie pie!