Tuesday, November 6, 2012

George's First Haircut

 George had his first haircut at 10 weeks! I didn't think that I would cut his hair this early but it was down past his ears and he had a mullet in the back. We decided to do it in the bathtub since he loves baths so much. He's a very wiggly kid so it was a little bit of a hack job but it does look better. The pictures are blurry due to poor bathroom lighting and George is never still.

Combing it out

 It looks like I'm doing surgery
 Post haircut photo shoot!



Katherine McKenna said...

Oh wow, he is precious! A haircut at 10 weeks; that baby's hair grows FAST!

Melissa said...

george, you are way too cute!!!!

i am so impressed with your skills...i can barely cut baby fingernails, and you have scissors around his face!!