Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Saturday

Up until we went on vacation a few weeks ago Nathan has been working every Saturday. Since we've been back though he's had every other Saturday off. It's been really nice to just wake up and enjoy the morning together. A few weeks ago we walked down to try out Bagel Grounds. It's a little local bagel and coffee shop that opened a few months ago. We were pretty pleased with the place and they have a great patio. 

I've been wondering what to do for George's birthday. As soon as I saw the patio I thought what a great place to have a little breakfast birthday party. I asked if we could reserve it for a few hours one Saturday morning. They said yes!

After breakfast we walked to the park for some swinging and playground fun. We hoped that it would tire George out so he would take a better nap...haha! That didn't happen. 

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