Monday, November 25, 2013

Anniversary #4 and Babymoon

We celebrated our 4th anniversary on November 14th. After our honeymoon we decided that we would go back for our 10 year anniversary. Of course, we didn't think that we would be living 2.5 hours from where we went on our honeymoon. 
My parents came up for a few days and kept our very sick baby so we could escape for 2 nights. With baby #2 coming in April we knew next year would probably be out of the question. 

We decided to try out one of the rooms in the main house this time. It was nice because we got to take advantage of some the extra's that Hartsone has going on during the afternoon and evening. All of the fun extras revolve around food. Afternoon tea and cookies, pre-dinner hors d' oevres, and night caps. 

Dinner at Hartsone the first night. I wish that I had written down what we ate. My appitizer was a butternut squash and sage butter gnocchi. I could eat a whole bowl full of it right now!. Our desserts were espresso souffle with kahlua creme anglaise and pumpkin creme brulee. 

They have the best breakfast!

We went on the same walk we did 4 years ago. The weather was lovely and it was so nice just to spend time by ourselves. 

We stopped at Fresh a really cute and yummy bakery for lunch. It reminded me a lot of Sugar Magnolia in GA. 

The pizza was tasty and the perfect ending to our 5 mile walk. 

All the boats wrapped up for winter. 

Saturday night we ate at Comida Latin Kitchen. All the food was great but their salsa verde and charred red pepper salsa was amazing! Sunday we got up early and took  a walk down to Fresh for some bread to take home with us. We ate another fantastic breakfast at Hartsone and headed home. 

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to get away again. Of course, it would have been better if George wasn't so sick but everyone survived. Thank you again to my parents for coming up and getting up multiple times a night with our sick baby. 

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Katie May McKenna said...

Wow, such a gorgeous place! Babymoons are the best :-)