Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Week of Vacation and A Very Sick Baby

So Nathan has a week of vacation in March and went spent most the time around the house.
George and I went on a little date to one of your favorite coffee/tea shops. It's so fun hanging out with him by himself. He has so much to say and usually I hear about half since I'm focusing on him and Edith.

Edith got to have extra snuggle time with daddy.

St. Patty's fell during vacation week so I made green biscuits for breakfast.

We did a little walking around UNH one day since they were on spring break. It was a bit 34.

Towards the end of the week we headed to Wells, Maine for a few nights. We stayed in a condo with a full kitchen and they had an indoor pool. Both of those were the main reasons for choosing the spot. George loved the pool and the hot tub!! 

We had lunch at a local restaurant but by this time the kids were starting to feel sick so it wasn't much fun.

Our second night at the beach I finally took Edith to the urgent care. She ended up having pneumonia! At this point we had been up a couple nights in a row with her so we were super tired. The medicine started to kick in so she slept most of the night but then George started getting sick.
So both nights we were up and Edith didn't get to swim at all and we didn't get any chilly walks on the beach. It was pretty miserable. 

On the positive side Congdon's donuts are pretty amazing so we got a box before packing up and heading home. 

One day we'll go back when the kids are well and it's warm. 

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