Monday, June 15, 2015

Micah Gets Married

The main reason we went to GA for a visit was because my brother Micah was getting married. I was asked to do the cake, which I happily agreed to. It was a little crazy making a cake in someone else's kitchen without my normal tools but thanks to some borrowed equipment everything turned out great. 

Micah and Brianna chose to do a small outdoor wedding in a little woodsy spot outside of Newnan, GA. The weather ended up not too hot and we managed to keep Edith from eating dirt and George from escaping to sit in peoples cars.

I thought a lolly pop would keep Edith happy during the ceremony but she finished it in 5 minutes and whined the rest of the time.

I caught this of George while the pastor was praying. Could it get any sweeter?

The cake! .
I did yellow cake and vanilla buttercream with nutella filling on the middle tier and blueberry jam on the bottom tier. Brianna wanted the top tier to have buttercream between the layers since they were going to save it.
We couldn't find a cooler large enough for the bottom tier so we put the whole thing in a plastic storage container and packed it with dry ice. I waited until after the ceremony to put it out so we wouldn't have any chance of it melting

We are so excited to have Brianna in the family! You picked a great one Micah.
 One of these days we might have almost as many girls as guys in this family. 

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