Thursday, April 7, 2016

Almost The Last Snow

 I'm pretty sure I've told ya'll how crazy our weather has been here in NH. The middle of March was more like the end of April and April has been more like the beginning of March. We even had a day that was 74 degrees last month. Crazy!!

Last week we had about 6 inches fall and I couldn't pass up some pictures of what might be the last snow of the season. Of course, it snowed this last Sunday too but this was a much prettier snow so I'm really glad I got out to take these.

Edith was very excited to plop herself down and eat snow again.

I told George to stand next to Edith for a picture but he really wanted a picture in the woods. 

My snow babies are pretty cute!

Oh, and I'm ok with no more snow this season NH....just saying!

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