Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Trip...Too Quick

I just returned last week from vising the UK and Ireland for a week. This was my third trip to the UK but I have never been to Ireland. I really enjoyed Dublin probably because I had never seen it. I would love to go back for a longer stay and see the countryside. Unfortunately because I was on a budget I didn't get to try all the foods I would have liked but I did get a few meals that were fun.

Falafel's in Edinburgh-falafel's are fried balls or patties made from fava or chickpeas. They are usually served with pita bread and a yogurt sauce.

Chicken and onion pie with a apple cider glaze and Magners Cider (also in Edinburgh)

Chicken soup and Bulmers Cider-this meal was awesome after a day of walking in the Dublin rain.

Coffee in Dublin

Our breakfast at our hostel in Dublin-there was more than just scones I just wasn't feeling well so I was eating light.

Potatoes and Cider in Dublin

Our snack on the train to the London airport. The train broke down so we missed our flight to Dublin and had to wait an extra 5 hours in the airport.

Pastry cafe in London. I was sooo excited!!

I have tons more pictures so if you want to see them just ask!

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