Monday, August 3, 2009


Made it to NC!! I'm going to try and blog more so all of you back in the boro can keep up with me. One of the things that has been lost during the move is the charger for my phone. So if you're wondering why I'm not returning your calls...

Our little house! We have a lot of painting and cleaning to do so here are the before pictures.

The kitchen with it's teal cabinets...yes, we are painting them!

This border has to go!


Awful pattern on the bathroom walls

Tiny sink...poor Nathan

Tacky border on the living room walls. Once it's painted the same color as the walls I'm hoping it won't stand out as much.

Guest bedroom=really bad purple explosion

Hallway to the back door and laundry room

Yay for paint!! Can't wait to get started


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures! What a cute place - and don't worry, a little paint can do amazing things. I never showed you the before pictures of my house...just ask Nathan. It will all look so fabulous when you're done - can't wait to see the after pics!! HAVE FUN!

alyssa said...

I am so glad you made it to NC safely. But I am so sad that I wasn't in Statesboro to tell you goodbye! We have loved having you here and will really miss you! And I am with Melissa...paint can do wonders! Have fun!

laurel said...

Yes, you should ask Melissa to show you before pics of her house. The difference is UNBELIEVABLE. The outside of the house is already really cute and I am sure you will have the inside looking the same in no time. I was thinking about you during church on Sunday...we are sorry to see you go but are excited for your new life with Nathan. Looking forward to keeping up with what you are doing via your blog!

Brandy said...

miss you, i have called you a million times, and i left one message saying, "i guess you have not found your phone charger!" guess i was right! the house is super cute, i really like the kitchen, can't wait to see it! you do have quite a bit of work on your hands, but i'm sure it will be super cute when your finished! love you!