Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Goodness

I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you all for the well wishes. My day started by waking up at 6 AM...when you get up at 4AM during the week it's hard to sleep past 6 or 7. Despite the early hour Nathan allowed me to open all of my birthday gifts. I received some beautiful jewelry from my in-laws, $$$ from the parents and grandpa and Nathan bought me a wonderful book, The Cheese Board which is all about bread, pastry, cheese & pizza!

After breakfast we headed to Concord for a few hours of antiques and hopes of finding something to spend birthday money on. I was not disappointed as you will see further on in this post.
After many hours of walking around we headed to the house to freshen up and go out for dinner.
We dined at the Crepe Cellar in Noda and it was by far the best meal we've had since I've moved here! It was fabulous!

We began our meal with mussels (sage, garlic, white wine).
(once again I didn't want to be the annoying person with the flash in a dark restaurant)

Nathan had the special swordfish with asparagus and risotto. I can't remember what all was in the risotto or on the sword fish but it was phenomenal.

I had a wild mushroom, spinach and goat cheese crepe with red cabbage slaw. Both were amazing and the slaw was the best I've ever had.

We finished our meal with a sweetened mascarpone & berries crepe and...

a Crepe Suzette (Grand Marnier butter sauce with vanilla bean ice cream).

It was a great birthday and here are my purchases with my birthday money.

Crazy Daisy Pyrex

New Blender (I burned up Nathans making soup)

Vintage shoes from Spain

AND this fabulous hat!!!


Melissa said...

whoa! that was a fabulous birthday! i adore crepes.

polly said...

What a wonderful birthday-- and great buys!! The meal looked fabulous! I always love seeing your pics--