Sunday, August 1, 2010

Michael Wedding & Robbinsville, NC

On July 23 Nathan and I got up early (no AC in his car) and drove to Robbinsville, NC for our friends Ben and Stefanie's wedding. It was a pretty drive up through the mountains and it was just starting to heat up by the time we got there. We had thoughts of checking in early to our suite but we found out that we were the only people staying there so apparently they don't even go into the office until check-in time. So we headed to Ingle's Supermarket to look at some magazines and pass time in the AC.
Thankfully we remembered that a few weeks prior we had found an article about a farm close by that produces cheese. We called them up and got directions to their pottery studio & gift shop where they sell the cheese. It was a really neat place and the cheese was amazing! They actually sell to a couple restaurants around Charlotte.

After checking into our room and eating an early dinner we were once again bored with nothing to do. Nathan looked at the map and found Andrews which was another town 15 miles down the road. We drove over and found a really great coffee shop/wine bar called The Daily Grind & Wine. We had a glass of wine and listened to some live music and also found a local winery to visit.

Saturday morning after Nathan drove the Tail of the Dragon we headed back to Andrews to check out Calaboose Cellars. Out of the handful of wineries I've been to this was the best. We some great conversations and the wine is great! They do sell their wines online so please buy a bottle or two!

Finally the wedding!! It was in the 90's and sunny all day but thankfully we had cloud cover for the ceremony. The reception was a blast and despite the heat and humidity there was a lot of dancing.

Nathan and I in our "dress up" clothes before we got too sweaty.

Congratulations Ben & Stef!!

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molly, i love your swanky little outfit.