Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally Ready!

We're finally ready for Christmas. It took me longer this year because I'm working a lot more and don't have much time at home. I mailed off the last present to Ga on Friday.

I had great idea's for my Christmas wreath but had to compromise because I didn't have enough silver balls and Target was sold out when I went back. :( The lights came from the Salvation Army thrift store for $1 a strand. I put one up inside too. Thanks to our blizzard last week I need to replace a few bulbs that don't work now due to excess wind.

We bought our tree from Lowe's again this year but got a different kind; Scotch Pine. The limbs are sturdy and it's a lot fuller than the Fraser Fir but unfortunately doesn't smell as nice.

You probably can't tell but it's snowing pretty well right now. Nathans on a walk to the store across the street for a few things. It's really pretty for the first few hours until it gets driven on and turns all gray and dirty.

How did I miss this! So I've never seen Holiday Inn! I love Bing Crosby and White Christmas so I'm very excited to add this to my favorite Christmas movie list. Oh and I wish I could dance like Fred Astaire...


Marissa said...

Why dance like Fred Astaire when you can dance like Ginger Rogers?

polly said...

There is nothing like the Christmas Classics!!We had to see The Muppet Christmas Carol with the girls!!Danny's favorite also..