Sunday, December 12, 2010

'It's a Wonderful Life

Last Saturday night we got all dressed up for the free showing of It's A Wonderful Life at the Orpheum Theater here in Sioux City. It's an amazing theater that was built in 1927.

I bought a new hat for the occasion and wore Nathans grandmothers velvet skirt.

There is a huge radiator heater behind this beautiful grate!

We tried to take a picture of ourselves in this mirror...didn't work out to well.
(Nathan bought me the coat at a thrift store here in town when he was visiting for his interview)


laurel said...

Ya'll look so cute!! And wow, what a gorgeous theatre!

Melissa said...

sooo much fun!! hate the last pic didn't turn out better because you both look fantastic! miss you so much!!

Glo said...