Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Snippets

 So unfortunately all my birthday pictures are from my camera phone but here is what we did to celebrate. Most of it revolves around food.

We started the night before by eating Mexican at Agave Mexican Bistro. We don't have cheap Mexican food here in NH so unless you make it yourself you have to save up and eat it on special occasions.
It was all delicious and I had so much food on my plate that I got to take it home and eat it again for lunch the next day. Mexican two days in a row made me very happy. 

After dinner we walked down to the Bier Garden were Nathan had a beer and...

...I had some blood orange gelato.

On my actual birthday I had a morning appointment with my midwife :(  I like my midwife but I just don't want to see her as often as I do...especially on my birthday.

After that though I got my fringe trimmed. Free haircut on your birthday at the beauty school! Yay!

Followed by a decaf raspberry mocha and then...

...Nathan made this amazing dinner! Grilled orange scallops with cilantro-lime vinaigrette. My birthday was a very warm day so this was the perfect meal. We were going to go play put-put but a huge storm came in and we had to postpone it two days.

Another great birthday! Thank you Nathan for an amazing dinner and a fun game of put-put (even if you did beat me).

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