Monday, March 18, 2013

Dumpling Update: 7 Months

My baby is growing up too fast! Everyone says this but it's so true. Everyday he's learning something new and growing up. It's flying by. He's mastered sitting up but is unmotivated to do much else. He has no interest in crawling or scooting except in his bed. He rolls from stomach to back well but it takes him a few tries to get from his back to his stomach. He loves, loves, loves to hold your hands and stand up. He will let go and stand on his own for a few seconds. I'm pretty sure walking and crawling will come about the same time. He's still a very happy kid most of the time and pretty easy except for his huge issue with not taking decent naps. 

Weight: 17 pounds
Length: 27.5 inches

Is still figuring out how to opening his mouth for a spoon
Loves food (as long as he's not too tired)
Is a horrible napper...seriously...horrible!
Gets up to eat 1 time a night
Can stand on his own for a few seconds
Sits up very well
Takes baths in the big tub now & loves it
Is drooling a ton 
Yells and shrieks just to hear himself
Gets super frustrated when he can't reach something
Loves music and will dance
Is super ticklish 
Hair is more strawberry blonde 
Likes to watch me cook
Gets very excited when we open the door to go outside


chloe said...

molly, he is such a handsome boy and i love him so much even though i've never met him :(
soon, i hope!
his hair color is soo pretty too!

thanks so much for the pictures you mailed...they are on my fridge.

Jess said...

He is super cute! And looks just like your brothers!