Monday, June 24, 2013

Dumpling Update: 10 Months

 I wanted wait and post this later because I have't had George weighed or measured recently. It's been a week already so I'll just come back and fill in the blanks later this week. George turned 10 months on Father's Day and he's busier than ever.

Weight: 19 pounds
Length: 28 inches

Sits & stands in his bed
Goes from crawling to standing easily 
Loves feeding himself 
Still eats pretty much anything
Loves eggs and anything in a food pouch
Has a cheesy fake smile
Knows how to turn on the charm when he's doing something he shouldn't
Figured out how to pull the plug in the bathtub
Still is a very poor sleeper
Likes to take his diaper off
We think he's finally figured out what Mama means
Loves other children and dogs

Post bath photo shoot. 

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