Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fathers Day

 We had a lot of fun on Fathers Day. It just so happened that our favorite nano brewery was releasing a new beer and had a food truck on location to go accompany it. This was a win-win for us all because we love beer, Mexican food and I didn't have to cook. Throwback brewery released their Spicy Bohemian beer which we didn't have the opportunity to try last year. They took their traditional pilsner and dry-hopped it with roasted jalapeno's. Amazing! The beer paired great with  Vida Verda 's tasty Mexican fare. We had their fish tacos, tamales and salsa. It was so very, very yummy and the tamale was the best I've had. 

That tall handsome man in the pink shirt is my husband. 

George was happy that he got to eat outside under a tree. 

Right before we left a group pulled up in this bus. We're adding it to our NH To Do list. 

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Melissa said...

beer bus = brilliant!!