Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2013

 We had such a good Christmas this year. George was only 5 months old last year so he wasn't really aware of what was go on. He really, really likes lights so that was super exciting for him. Music is also something he really gets into so we had some sort of Christmas music going almost all the time. 

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Nathan gets half of the day off and this is what the afternoon looked like.

Dual phone conversations

Late that afternoon we went to our favorite coffee shop for hot chocolate and a snack. George still won't drink hot chocolate.

Christmas Day
We knew that stockings would be George's favorite since he gets really excited about taking things out of bags.

Nathan went all out on my stocking this year. I was in desperate need of a grapefruit knife and spoons.

Carrot pecan pancakes, grapefruit, eggs with Canadian bacon and spinach, coffee and eggnog for breakfast

Then a nap for George while I prepped lunch

Favorites for the day: daddy's pliers and

these large stacking blocks

Christmas dinner! We decided to go Italian this year. 

Cavolfiore alla Fiorentina
(cauliflower with tomatoes and black olives)

Anatra in Porchetta
(duck in the style of porchetta)
Which means duck stuffed with sausage, garlic, sage and rosemary then wrapped in bacon

Funghi Trifolati
(sauteed mushrooms with parsley and garlic)

It was freezing cold and cloudy but we decided to go for a little sledding in the afternoon. 


George would sit in his sled for hours if we weren't freezing and tired of pushing him around. 

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