Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas was a fun, busy, and long day. It started early (as usually) with the kids waking us up wearing their super cute Christmas jammies. My mom makes the best flannel pj's and the kids love them.

We all stumbled down the stairs to start the day with stockings and coffee.

We're sticking with our Christmas wreath breakfast bread that we starting last year. We also had local sausage, grapefruit and orange juice. 
Grapefruit theif

Edith was super cute opening her first gift. She was very excited about new you can tell.

A tool set from Nathans parents along with safety goggles. Those goggles are a hot commodity around here.

Edith received a wooden scooter to ride around inside. They were both super excited about putting it together. George even got to use some of his new tools.
More building with the new tools.

Christmas and the few days surrounding it were unusually warm for NH. We took full advantage of the warmth and Nathans Saturday off to do a lot of walking around Portsmouth. It was a nice ending to all the Christmas craziness.

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