Monday, February 29, 2016

Girls Weekend In NYC

The first weekend in February my fellow mama friend Anna and headed to NYC without husbands or kids for a weekend in the city. Anna has family in Brooklyn so we had a great place to stay while we were there. We didn't accomplish much more than eating and window shopping but eating was one of the main reasons for going. After fighting through a snow storm in New Hampshire things cleared up in Massachusetts and we made pretty good time getting to Brooklyn Friday night.

We headed to the city first thing Saturday morning but it took a while to get there since the main train was shut down for construction.

Our first stop was Black Seed Bagels were a friend of mine works. There was a bit of a line but that's to be expected when the bagels are amazing. I chose a salt bagel with roasted winter veggies and cheese. It did not disappoint! I'm pretty sure I could have eaten two after how long it took to get there. 

After eating we walked over to Purl Soho a sewing and yarn shop that I use a lot online. I had to take a picture of this fun bike for Nathan and George on our walk over.

It was a fun little shop but there were so many people packed into it that it made it a little hard to look. The fabrics were amazing and all the yarns were beautiful.

( photo credit)

Our next stop was the best doughnut in NYC and we had to walk through Washington Park to get there.

There was a little grand piano concerting going on outside. 

Dough makes amazing doughnuts. This was lemon poppy seed and it was about the size of my head. After all our walking I felt like I needed the whole thing. I bought 3 extras to take home to Nathan and the kids. 

After all of our walking and eating we went to hear some chamber music at a local church. Sadly I can't remember the name of it right now. Anna's sister is a pianist and has a connection with Julliard students. A friend of hers was putting on this benefit concert and we were more than happy to listen and rest our legs. The music was incredible and the setting made it sound even better. Now I have even more motivation to practice my violin. 

After the concert we headed back to Brooklyn for some amazing sushi and then tea at Anna's parents. It was such a fun day and I forgot how easy it is to plan and execute weekends away without kids. Major thanks to Nathan for keeping the children so I could go refuel with friends, fun, and yummy food. 

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