Saturday, October 29, 2016

George Turns 4

George turned 4 in August and I was  planning on doing cake at a friends since we were going to be on our way down to Georgia. Two weeks before though he started telling me about how he was going to have a party with all of his friends. Of course, I started feeling bad that he wasn't going to have a party so I threw one together at the park.

Please take note that Edith is eating in every one of these group shots.

Three days after Georges party we moved out of our house and started driving to GA to visit family for a month.  Oh, and I had a 2 month old baby. So, I did what I had to and ordered a cake from the bakery at the local grocery store. It was a little painful but I survived the disappointment of not making it myself. We'll get back on track next year.

He was pretty thrilled with his monster truck cake. It was also one of the hottest days of the summer so by the time we sang and cut the cake the frosting was melting away.


Buddy, we can't believe you're already four! You are such a hug blessing to our family and we enjoy everyday with you. We love you.

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