Saturday, October 22, 2016

June and July

I'm going to finally try and catch up on blogging. We've been so busy moving, traveling and getting used to the craziness of three small children. 

The week after Rosalie was born my parents came up for a week. It was great timing because Nathan had to be gone for 5 days to Alabama for some training. I wish we could have done a bit more while they were here but I did just have a baby the week before. We did a lot of playing outside, looking at old trucks, and playing in the creek.
One afternoon they took the kids to the hobby shop to pick up some balsa wood airplanes. They were a huge hit. Flying them off the back deck into the yard was pretty fun to watch. 

Nathan flew back from Alabama on Saturday and the 5 of us made it to our first Sunday morning service since Rosalie was born. I think this is our first photo as a family of 5.

4TH of July week is always fun because Nathan has it off of work. We started out in Kittery at Lil's Cafe and then decided to keep driving and head to Portland.

We decided to check out Maine Craft Distillery and Rising Tide Brewery. They're both located right next to each other on Fox Street in Portland. If you hop on Rising Tide's website they have a list of what food truck is on site every day. It's a pretty great set up and on this particular day there was a bbq truck. It was very tasty. Pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw is always a win.

Between tasting gin, eating lunch, and taking kids to the bathroom 5 times we ended up hanging out at the distillery for about 2 hours. Surprisingly there were no meltdowns or disasters. It was a huge success with three small children.

The other great thing about this little area on Fox Street is the huge park and play ground across the street. After doing a tasting at Rising Tide we took the kids over to play. 

Fox Street also houses Coffee By Design so it's a great place to stop and do 3-4 things without having to go anywhere. We like downtown Portland but this was nice to not have to pay for parking and have multiple venues right there. 

On July 4th Sunday Rosalie Emlyn was baptized. It was a bit last minute because our previous pastor was up for a visit during their families vacation. It was special since he had baptized George and Edith.

Our former pastors youngest, Ben, who was great buds with George. They spent the night at the house one night and these three had a blast playing together. We do miss them!

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