Monday, December 19, 2016

Apple Harvest Day

Apple Harvest Day in Dover, New Hampshire is another fall tradition that we have. It's a ton of fun but  I highly suggest heading in early if you have little ones. It typically gets a little crazy the longer the day goes on. This year started out super rainy but we loaded everyone up in their rain gear and headed downtown. After a couple of hours in the rain it finally slacked off and we ended up staying a bit longer. Because of the rain there wasn't as many people and it turned out to be the most fun we've had at the festival so far.

We started the day with apple cider donuts. 

Face painting at a friends booth followed by... and drying out at Flight Coffee.

The rain finally slowed and we headed back out and down to the Best of Times booth where they were cutting hair. George really likes getting his hair cut and there was no line.
 Little Spider-man getting his hair cut.

A little mini petting zoo was a big hit.

And the brand new plow truck complete with a new hard hat. 

Thanks for another great Apple Harvest Festival Dover. We'll see you next year!

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