Monday, November 10, 2008


I love breakfast when I actually have time to cook it. The days when you don't have to be at work and though there are chores to do around the house you actually have 30 minutes that you can enjoy a good breakfast. Growing up Saturdays were these days and my dad would always make pancake and waffle batter. All of us kids would find our way to the kitchen at different times and make ourselves a waffle or a pancake. Only the earliest of risers would actually be up in time for my dad to cook their breakfast. My dad was usually out working on one of the many projects for the day way before the rest of us wanted to be awake. Of course you didn't want to get up too late or the batter would be gone and you would have to either make more or eat cereal. Mondays are usually my days to eat sometime other than a quick yogurt or cereal for breakfast. I actually hate to admit that I made pancakes from a box for breakfast this morning. Making a whole batch of pancake batter for one person is kind of ridiculous considering I can't eat all of it.

They weren't as amazing as they could have been but they weren't to bad. I ate mine with honey because we didn't have any decent syrup here at the house and because I just love honey! I haven't found a really good whole wheat pancake recipe yet so if any of you have one please pass it on. Well...I better stop blogging about pancakes and get some chores done around the house. Unfortunately things don't clean themselves.

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