Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Discount Food Store

So yesterday Brandy and I went the discount food store and it always amazes me how little I pay for what I find. It's great!! I got 2 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of whole wheat past, 2 bags of baking chips, pancake mix, and diced peaches for $8.80. The cereal alone would have cost me more than that at Wal-mart. They're getting two more trucks in this week so we're planing another trip next Monday or Tuesday.
My favorite cereal is Oh's so the fact that they had them made the trip even better!!! Yay!


Melissa said...

I did pretty well there this week also!! BTW - that (very delicious) pancake mix is $5-6 in other stores.

laurel said...

I made out like a bandit there too this week. Yay for the Discount!! I love to leave the stickers on the items so when I use something I bought from there, I can be excited about how much I saved all over again. I am such a nerd! :)