Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farmers Market Review

So we've been in search of a really good farmers market here in Charlotte. The paper is really good about having lists of pick your own farms and farmers markets. The first one we visited was the Matthews farmers market. We went two Saturday's ago and got there an hour after they opened. As we walked around we didn't find anything that great except for local goat cheese, tomatoes and a lot of greens. One of the volunteers informed us that you have to get there at 7 AM to get things like strawberries, wild mushrooms and eggs. It was a little disappointing but we've been continuing our search.

Matthews Farmers Market

One neat thing about the Matthews market was a cooking demonstration from a local chef using the foods at the market.

This past Saturday we went to the Kings Street farmers market. It was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get any pictures. They had a lot of produce, eggs, plants, and baked goods.

I purchased these mint and oregano plants and all the stuff in the next picture for $20...We'll definitely be going back. Also another good thing about this market is that they're open on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday so I go on my way home from work!


Melissa said...

i'm glad you found a good market!!

polly said...

You are blessed to have markets to choose from-- ours is getting better too.. I bought some grass fed beef and it is amazing how great it tastes!! And my muscles don't hurt like they do if I eat other store bought meat.. Seems to make a difference..