Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Week

I survived and quickly remembered how much I hated working 12 hour days at 119 Chops. Our house looked like a mess all week and the clothes piled up really high next to our dresser.
Unfortunately before our week ended Nathan got laid off from his job on Thursday :(. It was a major blow that we weren't expecting but we're excited to see where God will have him next.

Friday night after I worked from 5 to5 I went home took a shower and we jumped on the bike and headed back down to work for the concert. Our restaurant was giving out tickets so I snagged two. There are perks to working at a restaurant; free beer and food!. It was a great free date and a nice night out.

I did have my interview on Saturday that went really well but I did not get the job :( Boohoo.

So I'm still working here...
...too bad the people that own/run the restaurant aren't as cute as the outside.

This is the wine bar next to our restaurant

And the Piedmont Town Center where the concert was held.

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laurel said...

I am sorry about Nathan losing his job and you not getting the one you applied for. I will be praying that you both are provided with something even better than before.