Friday, November 5, 2010

Packing Up & Moving Out

I finally found my camera cord was in my computer bag! Exactly where something like that should be. Here are a few pictures of our last day in NC and our long drive to Iowa.

Lunch of leftover pizza on a box

1/2 way done!

Last of the house stuff.

Early Tuesday morning driving through NC mountains.

Rainbow in TN


Lots of rain & wind.

Almost to St. Louis our stop for day 1.

Friends Les & Helen Prouty who put us up on Tuesday night. Thank You!!

Two of their grandson (twins) Caleb & Thomson. Can they get any cuter?

Signs that we were close to Iowa (this was in Nebraska).

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Melissa said...

ha! i LOVE the moving truck and the bug in all the pics!! great driving photos too!