Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Raw Milk Update

Thank you Fedders! Our family at church that has the chicken houses as well as 2 cows gave us milk and eggs last week. The milk is wonderful and raw so the things I can make with it are endless.

After sitting over night in the refrigerator there was a nice layer of cream on the top.

I skimmed it off and ended up with about 3 cups of glorious cream.

Let the whipping begin!

Homemade hot chocolate with the freshest of cream!

Next: Butter!


Melissa said...

i can't wait to see what's next!

ms. chloe peppercorn said...

having raw milk available is a blessing! i can get it here in texas from a friend, but the pasteurization laws are cracking down. in new mexico you can't buy it at the farm or on the shelves. and in arizona you CAN buy it in both. it's interesting to me to see which states allow it and which ones don't.
i love putting the cream in my coffee.