Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goat Cheese, Green Onion & Garlic Pizza

This is one of our favorite pizza's at the bakery that I work at (Sugar Magnolia) and a few weeks ago we recreated it at home to save a little money. I used my whole wheat pizza crust recipe that you can find here. I cut the top off the head of garlic, drizzled a little olive oil over the top and roasted it in foil until it was nice and soft. After it had finished roasting I put it in the food processor with a little olive oil to make a spread. I used the garlic as my base added mozzarella and goat cheese. After It was done baking we sprinkled some fresh green onions over the top.

The weather was so amazing that we sat outside on a blanket with a bottle of wine. A perfect meal.

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