Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Busy Saturday


So this week strawberries were 99 cent a pound and corn was 12 for $1.99. I couldn't go pick produce for that cheap so I decided I should probably can some of it. Most of the produce here won't be ready until August which is baby arrival time so I'm trying to do as much before then. 

With the corn I decided to make corn relish. I used a recipe that I made in school but this recipe is pretty similar if you're looking for one.

With the strawberries I made the same strawberry rhubarb butter that I made last year. Food In Jars has some great canning recipes and they just came out with a cookbook! Here is the recipe for the butter. 

After all my canning I had to make a dessert for Sunday's fellowship meal. I wanted to do something summery and not chocolate. I found this recipe at Smitten Kitchen and it was delicious! Unfortunately I forgot to take an after picture.

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